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Redemption Rye an elegant example of true rye flavor. It’s 95% rye content enhances the spice, floral and citrus notes. Aged to perfection in new charred American oak barrels, Redemption Rye is complex yet exceptionally smooth. It’s a great sipping experience but truly excels in any mixed drink. A slight mint finish shines through in your favorite classic rye cocktail.



Redemption High Rye Bourbon is the perfect blend of classic bourbon flavor with strong notes of rye spice. The notes of cinnamon, toasted oak and dried fruit compliment the bold flavor of rye. It’s an excellent smooth-sipping whisky and perfect in a classic cocktail.



Perfectly distilled, aged and hand-crafted for an amazing depth of flavor. Redemption Bourbon is a well-balanced blend of rye barley malt and corn. Rich vanilla and caramel notes abound with rye adding some light spice notes. Great on the rocks or in mixed drinks.

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Redemption Rye whiskey is a true American original from the award-winning Deutsch Family of Wine & Spirits. It’s carefully hand-crafted in the river town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana at 168-year-old MGP Distillery – Whisky Advocate’s 2015 Distiller of the Year. Redemption Rye perfectly captures the spicer and drier flavor of a rye that was the preferred whiskey of the saloon era and was hugely popular until prohibition. It’s a taste of the bold, robust spirit cherished throughout America’s early history. Redemption Rye is perfect neat and excels in any cocktail. Big, spicy notes shine through in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned without overpowering the drink. It’s carefully made in small batches for those who appreciate a nod to the past but have a taste for what’s new.

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Redemption Rye is a fine example a rye whiskey that’s distilled to perfection and properly aged in new American charred oak barrels. It’s proudly crafted in America’s heartland with great attention to detail. Each bottle of Redemption whiskey is hand numbered to reflect the batch and bottle. It’s a versatile, rich, full-bodied whiskey that gives the classic cocktail – like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned – a true rye flavor with spicy, floral and citrus notes that won’t get lost in the mix. In all of your favorite cocktail recipes Redemption is the rye that plays well with others.


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