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Bottle of 36 year aged Redemption whiskey on table - Redemption Whiskey

36 Year Old Bourbon

36 years

This 36-year-old bourbon offers you one of the most exclusive whiskey experiences in the world today. Its numerous pleasures and delights begin with its coin-embedded wood stopper where you’ll find a penny from 1978: the year it was distilled. It is, indeed, a lucky penny for those who take ownership of it. There are only 18 of them, and they sit atop one of the oldest bourbons ever available in America. From beginning to end, this elder statesman is a pure revelation for true bourbon lovers. It begins with aromas of leather, grilled meat, cherry wood, and cigar boxes. On the palate, you’ll find dried orange and cinnamon mingling with sweet smoke. It cascades into a medium-length finish with lingering notes of cherry wood and citrus and most prominently, a lasting memory of how unique bourbon can be.

Flavor Profile

Leather, coffee, grilled meat, cherry wood, cigar box

Dried orange, cinnamon, anise, smoke, sweet hickory smoke, and earthy barbecue

Medium in length, with lingering cherry wood and citrus notes

  • Roasted Coffee
  • Smoke
  • Citrus