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Prior to Prohibition, rye whiskey was America’s favorite spirit, and its bold spicy flavor connected with a generation not short on challenges. While this beautiful drink largely disappeared once Prohibition lifted, the character and resolve that defined Americans did not. That’s why we believe that bringing back authentic rye whiskey will be appreciated as much now as it was then. Crafted by master blender Dave Carpenter, Redemption Whiskey is inspired by pre-Prohibition recipes to bring forth truly distinctive rye notes.

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Redemption’s line of premium whiskeys are enabling a new generation to discover America’s original favorite rye-forward whiskey.

Dave Carpenter

Master Blender

As Master Blender, David pairs his love for whiskey with a passionate interest in history: “Rye is the past and future of American whiskey. I’m excited to know that I’ve yet to drink my best whiskey, and that when I do, it will be made with rye.” 

Raised in Kentucky, David says whiskey has been a common thread throughout his life. Growing up, he would admire the old bourbon decanters in his grandfather’s basement, and in culinary school, he grew to appreciate Kentucky’s long spirit-making heritage. David spent more than a decade working as a chef and a bartender, which taught him the importance of hospitality, expert mixing, and high quality ingredients. Later, he became a craft distillery operator and a bourbon Brand Ambassador, rising quickly to a Head Distiller’s position by making high quality bourbons, vodkas, moonshines, and brandies.

dave Carpenter

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