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This is the Rye Revival

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Before Prohibition, rye whiskey was America’s #1 spirit. Nearly lost for 100 years, Redemption is bringing back bold, spicy, ‘rye-forward’ whiskey. Rediscover America’s original favorite.

This is the Rye Revival.


Our rye-forward offerings are inspired by pre-Prohibition recipes, paying homage to a lost era by bringing what was once old, and thought to be lost, back to the forefront of American whiskey culture.

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The Revival

For two hundred years, rye whiskey was the number one spirit in America, and for good reason: rye grain was bountiful and made high quality whiskey. Then Prohibition happened and rye was almost forgotten. Learn about rye’s journey: the rise, fall, and the revival.



Redemption whiskeys feature rye-forward recipes, inspired by pre-Prohibition times when rye whiskey was the drink of choice. Our mission is to reintroduce Americans to the spirit of their ancestors. This is the Rye Revival.

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Rye whiskey gave us the classics – The Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Waldorf, to name a few. Today’s bartenders are on the leading edge of using ‘rye-forward’ whiskey in cocktails because of their love for bold, spicy, and smooth flavors. Beyond the Classics, ‘rye-forward’ whiskeys are a favorite for today’s modern cocktail creations. Learn to make the Classics and a few Redemption signature cocktails with these recipes and videos.