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Bartender making Orangano whiskey cocktail in rocks glass with shaker strainer - Redemption Whiskey


The combination of Redemption Rye whiskey, oregano, and oils extracted from the orange peel give this cocktail herbal and earthy notes, while still having the traditional sweet and sour notes of a whiskey sour.


  • 2 parts Redemption Rye
  • 1 part fresh lemon juice
  • ¾ part simple syrup
  • 2 sprigs of oregano
  • Orange peel


  1. In a shaker gently muddle sprig of oregano and an orange peel with lemon juice and simple syrup
  2. Add Redemption Rye and shake all ingredients with ice
  3. Fine strain over rocks in old fashioned glass
  4. Garnish with oregano sprig